Upcycle: Cot bumper to mini tote bag!

Carmen has finally outgrown her cot bed – hooray! So I upcycled her cot bumper into a fab mini tote bag – perfect for the library or playing shops.

Fancy making your own? Here’s a great how-to from the peeps over at Crazy Little Projects.


Yo Ho Ho – I Made a Pirate Hat.

Avast, ye scurvy dogs! Are ye ready to see it?! Here be my homemade pirate hat.

Homemade Pirate Hat

Okay, okay. Enough of that silly pirate talk. Henry has his first Summer Fete and Sport Day next week and the poster reads:

Just for fun, come dressed as a pirate!

As a wannabe homemade mum, this is the stuff my dreams are made of – yesss people, I’m talking homemade kids costumes here! My first stop was the library, where I picked up a book on Sewing for Children by Emma Hardy. It has 35 step-by-step projects, one of which is a pirate hat. The hat was easy peasy to make – read my lips: e a s y  p e a s y – super quick and no sewing machine required. All you need is some embroidery floss, a needle, two buttons and some black and white felt for an instant fancy dress costume.

Homemade Pirate Hat

And here’s Henry reading his pirate book whilst wearing the hat. Maybe I’m biased, but doesn’t he look cuter than a bugs ear in it? All that’s left to make now is a little necktie to complete the look… ‘n I be havin’ just th’ perfect scrap ‘o fabric from ’tis project here!

Handmade Retro Peg Bag

I made another peg bag! It’s the first of 2015 and my seventh (here’s number one, two, three, four, five and six). Grab your sunglasses people – it’s a BRIGHT one!


I made it for a little retro magpie that I know and it’s my most favouritist yet. I feel bad for one, two, three, four, five and six but it’s truuuue. I found the material in the bargain bin at Heathcoat’s Retail Shop in Tiverton and it was love at first sight. How fun are those bright colours and the playful pattern? If you want to make your own version, I put together a little how-to in this post 😉

Still Knitting…

Last year during #WoolWeek, I cast on 32 stitches on a size 6 needle and started a blanket for Henry. Well it’s progressed a bit…

DIY Knitted Blanket

When I say a ‘bit’ I mean 11.4 squares…

Now I’m no knitter, I taught myself to knit using a magazine. I didn’t have a plan for the blanket when I started it either, I just jumped straight in thinking…

Meh, who needs a pattern?

And started knitting squares using a garter stitch (the only stitch I know). But it seems I’ve made a hot mess of it… my squares are more like rectangles. Oops. And my knitting is slower than evolution. 11.4 squares in four months?! Say whaaat? Is that all you got Kellita? I told you, I’m no knitter…

Even now, I don’t have a real plan for Henry’s blanket. It needs to be at least double the size though and I’m seeing lots of fringe tassels around the edges. Abit like this one…
Knitted Blanket InspirationOnly greener, with rectangles instead of squares. Squares are so, so… overrated. I’m hoping if I knuckle down and do a bit every evening it will be finished soon… I’ll keep you posted!

Red Dwarf

Oh dear. This didn’t turn out quite as well as I hoped… it looks like some kind of sci-fi civilian getup, doesn’t it? Carmen doesn’t seem too pleased with it either. What was I thinking? I’m such a smeghead, the fabric is waaay too heavy for the pattern.

Handmade Baby Clothes

The pattern is from my Making Baby Clothes book. This is my second attempt, the first is here. You’ll see that the first was much less structured and dramatic, so we can safely put this sci-fi escapade down to fabric choice.

Red Dwarf handmade baby top

I made it using leftover non-flowy fabric from my delphine skirt. Big mistake. Alas, it hasn’t been a total waste of time as I added some piping to this version…. uh-huh, that’s a new technique my friends…. and now to pipe everything!

What Do You Make a Hairy Biker? (AKA Dad)

It’s my Dad’s birthday soon. The thing is my Dad is no ordinary Dad. My dad is seriously cool. He is 65, lives in a house he built himself from salvaged materials and cruises around on a Triumph Bonneville. Thinking up handmade gift ideas for men is usually hard but I knew exactly what I wanted to make for this dude…

Homemade Gift Hairy Biker

I found an excellent free tutorial and pattern for a half face mask, which I adapted slightly to make the perfect biker’s mask. I used a skull and crossbones cotton for the main fabric but, instead of using a flannel or cotton for the lining, I used a black fleece. That should keep him nice and warm on the bike during the cooler weather. And there you have it, a brilliant gift for a bad-to-the-bone biker dad…

Homemade Biker's Mask

Have some great gift ideas for hairy bikers? Let me know in the comments.

5 Ways to Make a Drawstring Bag (And Why Your Toes Will Thank You)

There are three levels of pain:
Pain, excruciating pain, and stepping on a Lego.
Huffpost Parents

Truer words were never spoken. Or written. Yesterday I was swamped in the clutter of having two small children. Today I have lots of drawstring bags to put it all in. If you’re constantly stepping around (or on) Lego and other small plastic toys, then this list of how-tos has been put together with you (and your toes) in mind. And for those of you that are not especially handy with a sewing machine, I’ve even included a no-sew drawstring bag you can make.

 DIY Drawstring Bag

  1. Make a no-sew drawstring bag – no sewing, no excuses.
  2. Make a quick unlined drawstring bag – an easy sewing project for beginners.
  3. Make a lined drawstring bag – this is what I made as they are a studier.
  4. Make a patchwork drawstring bag – a great scrap buster project.
  5. Make a drawstring bag with waterproof lining – ideal for storing paints and brushes.

It feels wonderful to be winning the battle against kid clutter (yeah right! Who am I kidding?). Henry is also quite delighted by his special little bags. He loves taking all of his knick-knacks out, putting them all back, taking them all out… over and over again. Whoever said variety was the spice of life obviously hadn’t spent much time with a two year old.

So, do you need one of these little clutter busters in your house? Which how-to are you planning to use? Let me know in the comments below.

Cats & Spots Peg Bag

If you like cats and you like spots, you’re going to love this peg bag.


This is my second peg bag, number 1 was made as a house warming gift, and number 2 has been made for my mum’s birthday. Yes, mum loves pussy cats, especially the Siamese variety, so the fabric I’ve chosen is as purrrfect as a peach. This time I experimented with contrasting fabric on the outside for a kookier finish. Now to make one for Aunt Sarah, she likes flowers…

Want a pretty peg bag? Here’s how to make it yourself.