Fist Pump Tuesday! #vintagepledge

Last January I made a pledge to sew up my first ever vintage garment this year… And *fist pump in the air* I did it! Given my total lack of sewing skills and inability to follow directions, I opted for this Butterick #4731 because it said EASY in capitals on the pattern envelope. No really, it has nothing to do with the fact that the dress is so cute it hurt my eyes!

VIntage Sewing Pattern

I made View B Dress and it wasn’t that difficult; apart from Step 3 which had me in a bit of a muddle. Don’t look at the bias binding on the arm holes, it’s uglier than a Bazilian Treehopper. There are also some, ahem, fitting issues but I’m hoping she’ll grow into it by Winter.

Butterick #4731

Butterick #4731

Butterick #4731


Butteick #4731

So, would I sew vintage again? Uh huh!! Vintage rocks my friends!! I hope the next time you see me, I’ll be wearing one of these…

Vintage Sewing Pattern 60s


I Made a Dress!

My inner sewing goddess is jumping up and down, clapping her hands like a six year old! It’s a navvvvy dress with white polka dots and… I MADE IT!  The fit is horrible. It makes my shoulders look slopey and my boobs look saggy but I still LOVE it anyway. colette dahlia dress It’s a Colette Dahlia pattern. And here’s what I learnt:

1. I’m not in proportion

Colette Dahlia Dress

2. Making a dress is kinda complicated

Colette Dahlia Dress

3. Invisible zips aren’t as scary as you think

Colette Dahlia Dress

4. Kick pleats are a nightmare to hem, expletives were uttered and no, I won’t post a photo of my derrière

Would I make this dress again? Probably not. The fit is really baaad on me! Maybe it’s time for another peg bag?

My Alteration Challenge – Yellow Dress Remake

This piece was donated to my stash aaages ago. When I clapped eyes on it, my first thought was “why, oh why, oh why doesn’t bright lemon suit me?” swiftly followed by “Only Emma could look good in this – harumph!”.

Yellow Sun Dress Remake

So with Spring around the corner (yes it is my friends, I saw a daffodil and everybody knows that daffodil = Spring), I decided to turn it into something for Carmen. I scanned my Making Baby Clothes book for ideas and came across an adorable pattern for a sundress. My inner sewing goddess said “Sure, you can make that Kellita” and I got to work…

Baby Sundress Pattern

Ready to see it now?? Ta dah!

Sundress Remake

Ignore the wonky flounce and just look at the topstitching on that binding…

Sundress Remake

So, do you like it? I love it! Paired with some leggings and sandals, I think she’s going to look as cute as a bug’s ear in it. Now Springtime, let’s roll… please.

Thou Shalt Sew Vintage

Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015

For those of you who don’t know, the vintage sewing pledge started last year when Marie from A Stitiching Odyssey realised that she had been buying vintage sewing patterns faster than she could sew them, so she pledged to use at least five of them during 2014 and invited us all to join her. She’s too nice! The response was overwhelming with over 100 peeps taking the pledge.
This year it’s happening again and promises to be even bigger and better. There are no strict rules, it’s essentially your own personal pledge outlining your plan for vintage sewing in 2015, and I can’t wait to be a part of it!
So let’s do this thing my friends, here’s my pledge:
During 2015, I, Kellita of Kellita Makes, will sew up my first ever vintage sewing pattern.  
vintage sewing pattern
And this is it, a 1960s Butterick #4731 pattern. The pattern is for an adorable little “Turnabout Dress”. How groovy is Carmen going to look in it this Summer?! I was SO excited until I opened the envelope to look at the pattern and instructions… Yowzas! That’s some seriously cryptic 1960s sewing verbiage. I’m definitely going to need help.

Are you taking the pledge this year?