Better Than a Bare Wall

If you’re broke, but desperately want some pretty artwork for your walls, I have a tip for you! Framing wall paper. It really is that simple.

Framed Wall Paper

Yesterday our recently renovated entrance was so bare it looked like we had been robbed. But yesterday is ancient history my friends, because today it’s got six pictures. YAY!

Framing Wall Paper

The wall paper samples were picked up for free in the decorating aisle at Homebase. And the picture frames were just £4.43 each – total cost £26.58!! I am so pleased with how this little project turned out. Even Jon is pleased, although he did grumble something about using a spirit level to hang pictures… Gah! I hate it when he’s right.


My Alteration Challenge – Yellow Dress Remake

This piece was donated to my stash aaages ago. When I clapped eyes on it, my first thought was “why, oh why, oh why doesn’t bright lemon suit me?” swiftly followed by “Only Emma could look good in this – harumph!”.

Yellow Sun Dress Remake

So with Spring around the corner (yes it is my friends, I saw a daffodil and everybody knows that daffodil = Spring), I decided to turn it into something for Carmen. I scanned my Making Baby Clothes book for ideas and came across an adorable pattern for a sundress. My inner sewing goddess said “Sure, you can make that Kellita” and I got to work…

Baby Sundress Pattern

Ready to see it now?? Ta dah!

Sundress Remake

Ignore the wonky flounce and just look at the topstitching on that binding…

Sundress Remake

So, do you like it? I love it! Paired with some leggings and sandals, I think she’s going to look as cute as a bug’s ear in it. Now Springtime, let’s roll… please.

Furniture Makeover: 1 Chest, 1 Morning…

I picked up a hideous pine chest of drawers aaaages ago from a local second hand shop. I’m a sucker for quality, no matter how uuuugly, and this was a solid piece of furniture. The drawers actually have dovetail joints. Yes my friends, I am talking dovetail joints here. Here’s a reference for all those who missed that Design & Tech class…

Furniture Makeover

It was a steal at £25 and with a smidgen of DIY attention, I’ve transformed it into a nice piece of furniture for Henry’s room. Do you like before and after shots? Good. I knew I liked you for a reason… I love before and afters too!

Furniture Makeover Furniture Makeover

It took me one morning to do. No lie. I used Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint in Sage Green on the drawers and Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint in Mustard Yellow for the handles.

So, what do you think?

Still Knitting…

Last year during #WoolWeek, I cast on 32 stitches on a size 6 needle and started a blanket for Henry. Well it’s progressed a bit…

DIY Knitted Blanket

When I say a ‘bit’ I mean 11.4 squares…

Now I’m no knitter, I taught myself to knit using a magazine. I didn’t have a plan for the blanket when I started it either, I just jumped straight in thinking…

Meh, who needs a pattern?

And started knitting squares using a garter stitch (the only stitch I know). But it seems I’ve made a hot mess of it… my squares are more like rectangles. Oops. And my knitting is slower than evolution. 11.4 squares in four months?! Say whaaat? Is that all you got Kellita? I told you, I’m no knitter…

Even now, I don’t have a real plan for Henry’s blanket. It needs to be at least double the size though and I’m seeing lots of fringe tassels around the edges. Abit like this one…
Knitted Blanket InspirationOnly greener, with rectangles instead of squares. Squares are so, so… overrated. I’m hoping if I knuckle down and do a bit every evening it will be finished soon… I’ll keep you posted!

Thou Shalt Sew Vintage

Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015

For those of you who don’t know, the vintage sewing pledge started last year when Marie from A Stitiching Odyssey realised that she had been buying vintage sewing patterns faster than she could sew them, so she pledged to use at least five of them during 2014 and invited us all to join her. She’s too nice! The response was overwhelming with over 100 peeps taking the pledge.
This year it’s happening again and promises to be even bigger and better. There are no strict rules, it’s essentially your own personal pledge outlining your plan for vintage sewing in 2015, and I can’t wait to be a part of it!
So let’s do this thing my friends, here’s my pledge:
During 2015, I, Kellita of Kellita Makes, will sew up my first ever vintage sewing pattern.  
vintage sewing pattern
And this is it, a 1960s Butterick #4731 pattern. The pattern is for an adorable little “Turnabout Dress”. How groovy is Carmen going to look in it this Summer?! I was SO excited until I opened the envelope to look at the pattern and instructions… Yowzas! That’s some seriously cryptic 1960s sewing verbiage. I’m definitely going to need help.

Are you taking the pledge this year?

Drawstring Travel Bags

DIY Drawstring Shoe Bag

These little beauties are for a family planning a mega-marvelous holiday to America. They are perfect for keeping dirty shoes in or using as a small laundry bag while you’re away. Simple but stylish, with a serious dose of all-American awesomeness thanks to the funky star fabric.

Drawstring Shoe Bag

Fabulous, right? But can you guess what’s going to make this gift that much more fabulous? (Wait for it!)


Yes my friends…a matching zipper pouch!


And it’s lined too. Fancy, eh? The lining material was hacked from a piece kindly donated to my stash by a friend. Thanks Emma, I’m getting new life from your old clothes!

If you fancy making your own travel bags, you might want to check out this post, it contains five different ways to make one.  For some zipper pouch action, here’s the how-to I followed by The Purl Bee. If you have a question or something isn’t clear just ask! I hope you find the posts I’ve shared helpful and I promise you won’t stop at one if you do decide to make any.

Matchy-Matchy PJ’s

Look, I made Henry and Carmen PJ bottoms. And as I’m an unashamedly huge fan of all things matchy-matchy, they are indeed matching!

PJ Pants Boys

PJ pants baby girl

They wore these to bed on Christmas Eve. Yay for matchy-matchy Christmas awesomeness, which they can’t object to on account of being too small!

Roll Up Chalk Mat (A Toddler Essential)

Planes, trains, restaurants…and toddlers! That’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Or at least it was until I made this simple little roll up chalk mat! It’s a chalk board on one side, ideal for drawing and scribbling, and a place mat on the other. Perfect for a busy toddler on the go. And the best part is that you don’t need to be a sewing genius to make it.

Chalk Roll DIY

You will need:

  • Chalk board fabric
  • Backing fabric (I used a wipe clean fabric)
  • Bias binding tape
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive glue spray (I used a carpet/vinyl spray adhesive from my local carpet retailer)
  • Usual sewing supplies (thread, sewing machine, etc.)

Chalk Roll DIY

How to do it:

  1. Cut out the chalkboard fabric to the desired size and use this as a template for the backing fabric
  2. Glue the wrong sides of chalk board fabric and backing fabric together
  3. Pin bias tape around all edges. Tuck under ends to conceal the raw edges and stitch through all thicknesses

    Here’s a tip: Test your stitches on scraps of fabric before you begin, adjust the thread tension if necessary until the stitches play nicely.  This is a lesson I learnt the hard way.

  4. Sew a ribbon on the edge of the place mat
  5. Prime the chalk board fabric by rubbing chalk all over the surface and then erasing it

Give it to your toddler, and enjoy some peace and quiet, yay!

Red Dwarf

Oh dear. This didn’t turn out quite as well as I hoped… it looks like some kind of sci-fi civilian getup, doesn’t it? Carmen doesn’t seem too pleased with it either. What was I thinking? I’m such a smeghead, the fabric is waaay too heavy for the pattern.

Handmade Baby Clothes

The pattern is from my Making Baby Clothes book. This is my second attempt, the first is here. You’ll see that the first was much less structured and dramatic, so we can safely put this sci-fi escapade down to fabric choice.

Red Dwarf handmade baby top

I made it using leftover non-flowy fabric from my delphine skirt. Big mistake. Alas, it hasn’t been a total waste of time as I added some piping to this version…. uh-huh, that’s a new technique my friends…. and now to pipe everything!

A Trio of Handmade Peg Bags (Clothespin Bags)

Yes my friends, I’ve made some more peg bags! What can I say? I just love, love, love giving these away as gifts! They are super duper easy to make and look so lovely. If you would like to make one/some, here are the instructions. Okay, let’s take a look at the trio…

Bright red with white polka dots made for Marieclare:

Handmade Peg Bag

Dogs with green and white polka dots made for my lovely step mum, Ellen:

Handmade Peg Bag

Baking with green and white stripes made for Jayne:

Handmade Peg Bag

What was that you said? Not quite enough peg bags for you? Well, you can feast your eyes on a ‘cats and spots’ version here and an ‘elephant’ version here.

Alright, I’ll give the peg bags a rest for now or at least until after Christmas anyway!