Still Knitting…

Last year during #WoolWeek, I cast on 32 stitches on a size 6 needle and started a blanket for Henry. Well it’s progressed a bit…

DIY Knitted Blanket

When I say a ‘bit’ I mean 11.4 squares…

Now I’m no knitter, I taught myself to knit using a magazine. I didn’t have a plan for the blanket when I started it either, I just jumped straight in thinking…

Meh, who needs a pattern?

And started knitting squares using a garter stitch (the only stitch I know). But it seems I’ve made a hot mess of it… my squares are more like rectangles. Oops. And my knitting is slower than evolution. 11.4 squares in four months?! Say whaaat? Is that all you got Kellita? I told you, I’m no knitter…

Even now, I don’t have a real plan for Henry’s blanket. It needs to be at least double the size though and I’m seeing lots of fringe tassels around the edges. Abit like this one…
Knitted Blanket InspirationOnly greener, with rectangles instead of squares. Squares are so, so… overrated. I’m hoping if I knuckle down and do a bit every evening it will be finished soon… I’ll keep you posted!


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