Drawstring Travel Bags

DIY Drawstring Shoe Bag

These little beauties are for a family planning a mega-marvelous holiday to America. They are perfect for keeping dirty shoes in or using as a small laundry bag while you’re away. Simple but stylish, with a serious dose of all-American awesomeness thanks to the funky star fabric.

Drawstring Shoe Bag

Fabulous, right? But can you guess what’s going to make this gift that much more fabulous? (Wait for it!)


Yes my friends…a matching zipper pouch!


And it’s lined too. Fancy, eh? The lining material was hacked from a piece kindly donated to my stash by a friend. Thanks Emma, I’m getting new life from your old clothes!

If you fancy making your own travel bags, you might want to check out this post, it contains five different ways to make one.  For some zipper pouch action, here’s the how-to I followed by The Purl Bee. If you have a question or something isn’t clear just ask! I hope you find the posts I’ve shared helpful and I promise you won’t stop at one if you do decide to make any.


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