Look, I Made a Delphine Skirt!

Love at First Stitch Delphine Skirt Red

And it’s red (my favourite colour, obvs). If you know me even a little bit you’ll know I’m a big fan of breton stripes with a red skirt. I have a lightweight red linen skirt that I wear to death in the summer. And now I have a heavyweight one for winter too, yay! This is my first real foray into dressmaking, besides making a few things for the children (like the top I made for Carmen), so please excuse my delirious excitement.

The skirt is the third project in Tilly’s Love at First Stitch Book. A book that takes you from the absolute basics of threading your sewing machine through to creating a wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes that you’ll be proud to say you made yourself. It’s a structured A line skirt, which works wonderfully well in the bright red cotton drill that I’ve chosen. I’m especially proud of my invisible zipper. It is by no means perfect but I’m SO happy with my wearable handmade skirt!

Love at First Stitch Delphine Skirt Red

Did I mention how much I love, love, love this skirt? I have some mustard yellow material waiting in the wings for my next version. If you like the look of it too, the book is available to buy here. OK, I’ll stop going on about it now.


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