On Making a Brigitte Scarf…and Not Feeling Bardot!

This morning I made myself a Brigitte scarf, tied it around my head, and felt like a mad woman. Why can’t I make a Brigitte scarf, tie it around my head, and feel like a 60s pin up?


So I tried styling it another way…


…and lastly, nothing screams 60s quite like a messy afro, half-tamed by a head scarf , does it?


Setting aside my style drama, this is a perfect starter project for a beginner or, if you’re a more advanced sewer, a brilliant way to use up any leftover fabric pieces from larger projects. The scarf took less than half an hour to make and cost nothing, as I already had the fabric in my stash. Fancy making your own? Here’s the how-to, courtesy of Tilly and the Buttons. Next time, I’ll be adapting the pattern to make a longer scarf.

Any tips on how to style a head scarf are most welcome in the comments below.


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