Just Call Me Picasso: DIY Wall Art In Less Than 20 Minutes!

Since Henry graduated to his big boy bed, I’ve been hankering to get him some more grown up wall art for his bedroom. This presented me with a bit of an issue as I’m not allowed to spend any more money. None, whatsoever, Jon said so. And I also have no paint skills. None, whatsoever, Mr Pledge said so. But, after watching one too many 60 Minute Makeovers (I’m on maternity leave, remember), I decided to unleash my inner artist and try my hand at a masking tape art project. This was such an easy and cheap way to update the room of my ever-changing toddler that I thought I’d share it with you.


All you need is a canvas, some masking tape and paint in your choice of colours. I used three Dulux Feature Wall tester pots from Homebase, which were on offer.


Use the tape to create a pattern, I taped on stripes but you could easily create chevrons or something more abstract.


Paint in your choice of colours and peel off the tape carefully. Et voila, art!! Henry squealed he was so happy, then he asked for matching underpants, whatever next.


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