Elephant Peg Bag

I hate housework. Especially washing. So if, like me, washing clothes tops your list of most hated household chores, you desperately need a pretty peg bag in your life.


I made mine by loosely following Debbie Shore’s Half Yard Heaven ‘how to’. I did a few things differently though to make it a bit more special. For example, I used a lining in a contrasting fabric and french seams for neatness. This was a really quick and easy sewing project, ideal for a speedy gift, so I’m very pleased that I’ve added it to my repertoire. A pretty peg bag has the power to make hanging the washing bearable and can, just about, release the inner domestic goddess in anyone. Ask Louise, I made this one for her as a housewarming gift. All she needs now is a washing line…!

Want a pretty peg bag? Here’s how to make it yourself.


5 thoughts on “Elephant Peg Bag

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