Making Pyjama Bottoms Without a Sewing Pattern

PJ pantsThis week Jon called my pyjama bottoms disgusting. They were awful. I’m ashamed to admit they had drawings of Minnie Mouse, were totally worn, and had more than a couple of holes after squeezing my big ol’ pregnant ass into them for nine months. So I dismantled them. I picked apart every seam and used them as a template for a new pair. And…. ta dah! How chic are these?!

I used a light weight cotton fabric. Assembly was easy as there were only five pieces of cut fabric to sew together.  The most difficult part was the waist band. I copied the waistband of my old pair and actually stitched the elastic into the casing before attaching the casing. The stitching is a little untidy but this will, thankfully, be hidden away by a t-shirt. Next time, I’ll simply thread the elastic through the casing.

So, what’s the moral of this pyjama story? You don’t always need an expensive sewing pattern to give something a go.


One thought on “Making Pyjama Bottoms Without a Sewing Pattern

  1. Very very chic Kellita, there’s nothing quite like creating something yourself from scratch, not that I’d know but you’ve definitely inspired me, well done and keep going!


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